Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam or A Way To Earn Legitimate Money Online?

Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam

Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam or A Way To Earn Legitimate Money Online?  Can you really make money by taking surveys online?

I have been working online for about twenty years now and yes I have tried taking surveys for cash and yes I did get paid for surveys.  I also got paid to try out products where they would send me the product and I would use it for a set length of time and give my opinion on the product.

So there is no doubt in my mind that you can take surveys for cash, but is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam?  First I will go over the pros and cons of Take Surveys For Cash then I will give you the pros and cons when you try to do surveys for cash as a way to earn legitimate money online.

What is Take Surveys For Cash?

Take Surveys For Cash was created by Jason White who claims he is the King of Paid Surveys.  He also claims that he has the highest paying survey sites on his list.  You basically pay to get a list of paid survey sites and Jason White’s secrets to making a good income taking surveys for cash.

is take surveys for cash a scam


  • You get a list of survey sites that will pay you for taking surveys.  I guess if you don’t feel like searching Google for legitimate online surveys for cash, then this can save you a lot of time.
  • Jason tellls you how to pick and choose from hundreds of surveys.
  • Step by step instructions on how to get started, and become a professional survey taker!


  • You can find these same surveys by doing a simple google, bing or yahoo search.
  • You have to sign up to a lot of survey companies that may or may not accept you.

Is Take Surveys For Cash A Way To Earn Legitimate Money Online?

Well yes,  But only because it gives you a list of places you can go to sign up to take legitimate surveys for cash.  It does save you time if earning money for taking surveys is something you want to do.

Pros And Cons Of Doing Legitimate Online Surveys For Cash


  • You can make money by doing the surveys you qualify for.
  • Sometimes you get to try out stuff that has not been on the market yet.
  • It is a free way to make legitimate money online.


  • There is no way I know of to make a full time income by taking surveys.
  • You usually have to take pre surveys to find out if you qualify for the paying survey.
  • You have to do a lot of surveys to make any amount of decent money doing it.
  • You have to make a certain amount of money or points in order to cash out at most paid survey sites.

Is Taking Legit Online Surveys For Cash Right For You?

Before you go buying a product you may not like or ever use, try taking a few free surveys.  If you would like my suggestion for the best site to go to, see my review of Earnably.  Earnably is more than a paid survey site.  I got paid for just playing a game on facebook and reaching a certain level.  Now I can’t get enough of this game.

do surveys for cash

If you would like to see my number 1  way to earn legitimate money online check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review titled Is wealthy affiliate legitimate or one of those make money from home scams?





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Take Surveys For Cash

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            • list of survey sites that will pay you for taking surveys
            • step by step instructions
            • saves time searching for legit survey sites


            • you have to sign up at the individual survey sites
            • time wasted trying to see if you qualify for surveys
            • you can get most of the information for free
            • some information may be outdated
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