Is wealthy affiliate legitimate or one of those make money from home scams?

is wealthy affiliate legitimate

Is wealthy affiliate legitimate?  Working from home for a long time now I have come across many make money from home scams so I can see why you would be skeptical about wealthy affiliate.  In this post I plan to give you a very thorough and honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate work from home online business opportunity.

Before I get into the good, the bad and the ugly, I would like to point out that you can easily find out what others are saying by making a free account here:  

Wealthy Affiliate has a huge community of people and makes it easy to contact them.  These people are just like you and me, at different stages in the internet marketing phases.   They are friendly and helpful.  You can easily find out if someone is dissatisfied with this program by asking them and what they dont’ like about it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a wide range of tools you can use to help make your website a success.  They even give you two free websites and free wordpress webhosting.

 Let’s go over what Wealthy Affiliate offers:


Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to pick a niche and create a website about that niche.  In level 1 lesson 3 they go over what a niche is.

what is a niche 

Then they show you how to get that website to the top of google.  Wealthy Affiliate has an easy to use search tool that you can use to search the site for all kinds of information in order to help you reach your goals.  

The members of the community write their own experiences with internet marketing so you can learn from what they have gone through and how they managed to succeed.

The training is for all levels of marketers and will take you from scratch to having your own successful long term business in any niche you choose.

The training seems easy to understand and implement.  It is also up to date with how to rank your pages in google along with other search engines.  You can get a lot of feedback from the other members and even from the creators Kyle and Carson.  There are also weekly live webinars and you can find 100’s of hours of replays in your wealthy affiliate members area.  The webinars are easy to understand, offer questions and answers and they don’t try to sell you anything at the end.

is wealthy affiliate legitimate


Kyle and Carson seem to be very involved in their site(Wealthy Affilite).  You can ask just about anything and if they don’t answer right away, another member might.

Website Builder:

The website builder seems pretty easy to use.  It only takes  about 30 seconds to get your site up and running. Your website will be the foundation of your business.   Free members get two free websites they can use.  They even have an easy way if you want to switch your free website to your own domain in the future.

wealthy affiliate website manager

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for blogging today.  Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to use wordpress which is the platform they use to get to number 1 in google.

Research Tools:

In order to get to number 1 in google you need really good keywords.  Wealthy Affiliate has their own keyword tool which is easy to use and understand.  You can easily find keywords that have lots of searches and little competition.  You will learn all about keywords and what makes a good keyword in the training.

is wealthy affiliate legitimate

Content Editor:

Perhaps one of the best parts of being a wealthy affiliate member (besides the great training) is using their content editor.  At least for me it is.  Why?  I don’t have to search elsewhere to see if my content is unique.  That’s right, the site content editor actually will check your content to see if it has duplicate content.  You can also publish directly to the websites you create in Wealthy Affiliate so you don’t need to copy and paste.  They also have a really great grammar checker and you can make your own templates.

While the content editor does have some great perks, it is also limited to what you can do with the content in terms of html.  But you can easily edit your content once it is on your site and it does have the basics.  However you do have to add images through the dashboard of your site.

Affiliate Bootcamp:

What business does not want to give you a way to promote them?  Wealthy Affiliate is no exception.  If you can’t find a niche you are interested in, then they suggest you follow their Affiliate Bootcamp.  They even offer an incentive if you get 300 referrals in a given year.  They go to Las Vegas in America every year and will pay for you to join them.  They even have a counter on their website that shows how many more referrals you need in order to make the trip.


is wealthy affiiate a scam

The Affiliate Bootcamp is easy to follow and the step by step training will help you to rank any website in google.



So Is wealthy affiliate legitimate or one of those make money from home scams?

In my opinion the answer is yes, Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate.  You don’t have to promote their website, you can pick whatever topic you are interested in to make your website about, and they have some really nice tools.  The training is easy to follow and they have great support.

But don’t take my word for it.  Check it out for yourself.  Sign up for free and take a look around.  Ask other wealthy affiliate members questions.  Find out what they like and don’t like about the program.  Try going through lesson 1 to see if it is for you.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  If you would like to ask me any questions or have any comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Hoping you have plenty of success.  Want to know more about me?  Check out my about me page at:

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Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate





Website Builder


WordPress Hosting



  • up to date information
  • a great helping community
  • easy to follow step by step training
  • website hosting
  • start for free


  • premade keyword lists are a few years old
  • free members do not get the live video classes
  • free members only get live help the first 7 days
  • no private messaging for free members
  • no instant payments
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