How To Earn Money At Home For Free

In this post I am going to show you how to earn money at home for free. There are several ways to do this and I will be going over some of what I believe to be the best.

Now you may be asking yourself what learning how to earn money at home for free has to do with Online Business Marketing Strategies.  Most of the programs I am going to go over not only provide you with a way to make more money online, but show you how to get lots of traffic to your website.

List Of Contents:

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With The Profit System

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With Email Marketing

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With Infinity Traffic Boost

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With The Hoopla Family

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With LeadsLeap

How To Earn Money At Home For Free Blogging

How To Earn Money At Home For Free Video Marketing

How To Earn Money At Home Taking Surveys

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With The Profit System

If you read my last post, 5 Ways To Get Free Traffic Your Website Needs to the end then you already know one way to earn money at home for free.  But now I want to introduce to you what I believe is the best and easiest way that also provides some really great training.

How To Earn Money At Home For Free

It is a free money making website that comes with free training.

You will be earning in 5 programs that have helped many people make money online.

You can check out these programs here.

With each of these 5 programs you will get a powerful multi-level compensation plan.  This means that when you refer someone, not only do you earn from them, but you also earn from the people they refer and the people they refer.

3 of the programs are absolutely free to join, and includes the site I recommended in my last post.

1 of the 5 programs provides a 7 day free trial (after which you only pay $10) and the 5th one does cost but you do not have to join all 5 to make money.

You can always wait until you have made enough money and then add the one that costs later.

If you are already a member of these programs you can just add your affiliate ids.

I know there are a lot of downline builders out there.  I have joined quite a few myself.  A lot of them say they are free but once you join you have to pay for the programs in the downline builders.  Some of these can be really costly.

With this free profit system  you can join four of the programs for free.  One of  them will save you a lot of time if you are using safelists and viral mailers.

First join the free profit system by clicking here or going to

Then join the 3 free programs.  You can join the one with the free 7 day trial too if you want but keep in mind you will have to pay $10 after the trial is over.

Follow the free training in the Profit System Training Center.

Once you have made enough money with the free programs don’t forget to join the other two programs so you can start earning with them too.

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With Email Marketing

In my post How To Use Free Viral Mailer and Safelists Effectively I showed how to create a campaign and capture page using Trafficwave.  You can read it by clicking here.

In order to earn money at home for free with email marketing you will want to create a free campaign and capture page to get people on an email list.

Then you will want to find products to sell by going to a free marketplace like ClickBank or Warriorplus.    Usually the people selling the products will have affiliate tools including emails that you can add to your campaign in Trafficwave.

Once you have an email series set up you can start promoting your capture page to get people on your list.

Just read my post on how to get free traffic to your website.

If you are interested in Email Marketing you may want to get the free video series, 10K in 90 Days.  You can get it by going to

Not only will you get the free video series but you will be getting information packed emails from me  to help you succeed with your online business.

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With Infinity Traffic Boost

How To Earn Money at Home For Free

Infinity Traffic Boost is another way to get good quality traffic to your website while earning money.   It mainly uses Bitcoin but you can get paid in other ways too.

Infinity Traffic Boost has a free way system that shows you how you can earn 2.74 Bitcoin in 73 days.  You can look up the current rate of 2.74 bitcoin on google and see that that’s a lot of money for free.

You will need to get 4 referrals who are willing to surf 100 sites a day and surf 100 sites a day yourself.  It doesn’t take long to surf and you will be earning credits and money at the same time.

If you use email marketing they have some emails in the members’ area that you can use to promote Infinity Traffic Boost.  They also have a blog review you can use on your website if you have one.

You can check out the freeway system by clicking here.

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With The Hoopla Family

how to earn money at home for free

Traffic Hoopla is a free traffic and commissions  builder that focuses on top-ranked online advertising.

The Hoopla family consists of tehoopla for traffic exchanges, List Hoopla for safelists and viral mailers, Profit Hoopla, Bitcoin Hoopla, Viral Hoopla and Traffic Hoopla.   Traffic Hoopla contains the best of each group.

You can find out more about the hoopla family here:

You can work with whichever hoopla you want but I like to work with traffic hoopla because it gives you the best of the best in each category.

You simply promote your hoopla to the sites in the downline builder and when people join under you they can earn you traffic and money.

You can usually find Infinity Traffic Boost in the bitcoin section.  So by promoting Traffic Hoopla or Bitcoin Hoopla you will be also promoting Infinity Traffic Boost.

How To Earn Money At Home For Free With LeadsLeap

I have already mentioned 3 systems that you can use to get referrals in Leadsleap.

As of this writing, Leadsleap is in second place at traffic hoopla.

In the first system I mentioned which you can find here, Leadsleap is one of the 5 programs.

I also mentioned another free system you can use to get Leadsleap referrals which you can find at:

So what makes Leadsleap so great?

You can earn good quality traffic and you can earn money 4 different ways.

What are these 4 ways?

1. They have a daily active bonus you can earn every day you click on at least 10 ads.  The more ads you click on, the more you make.

2.  Credits Encashment allows you to exchange your credits for cash.

3.  With the PPC Earnings, you earn money for sending visitors to other members’ ads.  You can either add a widget to your site or use their link tracker.

4. You can earn Affiliate Commissions when one of your referrals upgrade.

Leadsleap also has a list manager and opt-in generator you can use to get people to join a list that you can send broadcast messages to.

You can either use one of the three systems I mentioned or promote Leadsleap by itself in order to earn money at home for free with LeadsLeap

Click Here For More Information On LeadsLeap

How To Earn Money At Home For Free Blogging

If you enjoy writing there are free sites like Blogger you can use to create free blogs.

Find a topic that not only interests you but interests a lot of other people as well.

You want to find a topic people are actually searching for but don’t have a lot of competition.

I would suggest joining a program like Wealthy Affiliate that will teach you how to make money for blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter pack and you get a free blog to work with.

You can check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

There are so many ebooks on how to become a successful blogger.

You can get a lot of them at Monthly Content.  Along with a lot of great content for your blogs.

Click on the banner below to find out how you can get a trial of Monthly Content for $1!

how to earn money at home for free

How To Earn Money At Home For Free Video Marketing

You can learn how to earn money at home for free video marketing even if you don’t want to be in front of the camera.

You don’t even have to do any talking.

You can post reviews of products you can find at clickbank, warrior plus, jvzoo, or amazon if you are an affiliate for them.  Usually, Amazon does require you to have a website so you may want to start first by earning money at home blogging if you want to sell Amazon products.

In order to make money video marketing you may need free video software, free images, and free music to use for your background music.

You can find free video software by doing a simple search on google.

There are many places you can find free images to use in your videos.  Just make sure the images are not copyrighted. A couple of places you can find free images are Unsplash and The Stocks.

There is also a lot of royalty-free music out there you can use for your background music or you don’t have to have any music at all.  Like with the Images, you do not want to use any copyrighted content.

You can also find audio music to use in your video background, images to use in your videos, video marketing training and more if you take the $1 trial at Monthly Content which you can get by clicking here or on the banner above in the How To Earn Money At Home For Free Blogging section

If you want to know more about How To Earn Money At Home For Free Video Marketing I have a free ebook you can download that I got from being a Monthly Content member.

Click Here To Download Free Ebook

How To Earn Money At Home For Free Taking Surveys

Earning money online by taking surveys has many benefits, but it has its drawbacks too.  You don’t have to worry about getting traffic to a website or creating an email list.  Sometimes they will send you free products to try out and give your opinion on.  You can get paid to watch videos or play games.

So what are the drawbacks?  Sometimes you will start a survey, answer a bunch of questions, and then won’t get paid because you aren’t what they are looking for. This can be frustrating. It can also get tedious.  Once you have been doing it for a while you may not even feel like doing them anymore.

If you think you might enjoy doing surveys, here are two that I recommend getting started with  Earnably and  InboxDollars.

You can find more by doing a simple web search for the top survey sites.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found the contents in this post useful.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below.  I hope you have a lot of success no matter which way you choose how to earn money at home for free.

10 Replies to “How To Earn Money At Home For Free”

  1. I am a fanatic of making money at home and for free. It is good that you took time to put this information here thank you for that. I have a big challenge with some of these platforms, I mean yes it is for free;

    well kinda

    but don’t you think some of their rewards are really just quite too low? especially leadsleap 

    1. Actually it can be quite high depending on the number of referrals you get.  The free systems I mentioned can help you get the referrals you need and when people upgrade, if they stay upgraded, you get ongoing commissions.  So it can really build up and earn you a nice income.

  2. Wow, I feel like a little girl in a candy store!  That is just what I was looking for.  Most of the make money online are scammers and get rich quick scheme,  You are spoiling us by giving us different ways to do it.  Especially now, more then ever we need to start making money online line.  Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Oh my. There are so many opportunities lying there while I’m the one lying to waste here in my house. I have to say that it is very generous of you to share such valuable knowledge and information about these platforms here. I have not heard of video marketing before but blogging is definitely something that I can give a try in a good way. I’m happy you did this.

  4. I find your article to be very exciting. I found a number of the items to be very useful. I took some notes and will be following up on them. I did not know about three of the items you listed and will be taking a look at them a little closer later on.

    Are there any costs associated with these programs at a later date? I know that one of them you said had a cost but I am not sure about the others. What happens if you are not able to get a downline in the time specified?  How long does it take to start making money with these different sites?

    You gave great examples in your article. I hope you write  more articles like this in the future since this one was so informative.


    1. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it.

      Most of the ways I listed require no cost whatsoever. You never have to pay a dime on any of them unless you want to. As for not getting a downline in the time specified, I don’t want to assume anything but if you are talking about Infinity Traffic Boost, you still earn a share of the reward pool for surfing even if you don’t have referrals. It will just take you longer to get to the 2.74 in Bitcoin.

      As for the amount of time it takes with the other ways listed, it really varies no matter which program you choose. Some people start making money within 24 hours, others it could take a lot longer. It really depends on how much effort your willing to put into it.

  5. Earning money at home cannot get better. To be honest, this is really a great offer here and seeing all you have written here, I can only thank you. I really appreciate this and I will look into this profit system.. It sure seems great to me. Thumbs up to you and thank you for Sharing this out here. I really appreciate

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