My Daily Tasks For Making Money Online…

Making money online may seem hard at times.

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to get tons of traffic to your sites.

A lot of work-at-home opportunities tell you you have to get to the top of Google or make youtube videos.

But this takes time and can seem nearly impossible to do.

Other ways to get traffic to your site may seem just as hard.

Especially if you have a lot of other stuff going on in your life.

That is why I keep a Daily Tasks Folder as the first folder on my bookmarks bar.

Each day I go through the tasks one by one.

That way I am never second-guessing what I should do next.

You can keep folders within folders so if you created a traffic exchange folder you can put that in the daily task folder.

I wrote about keeping a traffic exchange folder in my last post which you can find here:

How To Use Traffic Exchanges More Effectively

The first thing I do when I wake up is follow the Daily Work Schedule I received when I followed the eBook you can find by clicking the banner below:

This does not take long at all and gets me lots of quality traffic.

It does say you only need to do Leads Leap once a month but I do it every day to earn extra money.

You can find out more about Leads Leap and the different ways you can earn for free here:

What Is LeadsLeap About? – The Truth About LeadsLeap

The second thing I do is log in to these free daily paying sites and complete the daily task at each site:

Free Crypto Building Site

free really simple system

These two sites are very similar and owned by the same guy.  One helps you build your Crypto Currency and the other pays several different ways.

Again, this does not take me long to do.

Update: I completed the 30 days at these sites and instead I go through them and follow the instructions for promoting the sites.

After that, I log in to these two sites.  These two are high converting sites and you can earn a free pro upgrade at both:

free solo ads

free pro upgrade

There are many bonuses at these sites for staying active and they do convert very well.

In order to do the solo ads at the first one quickly, and easily earn credits at other safelists and viral mailers fast, I use this:

how to use viral mailers effectively


Then I work my way through this site here because of all the free credits:

free promo codes

I only do a page a day at the site above so I don’t get overwhelmed.

When I am done with all that, which surprisingly does not take long at all, I then work on my website.


I go to Wealthy Affiliate which you can watch a review of here:

Is wealthy affiliate legitimate or one of those make money from home scams?

I use the site content platform to write a new blog post after doing my research.

I may not get the whole post done in one day, depending on what else I am doing that day,  but I work a bit on it each day.



Once a week I log in to this site to send out my emails:


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