5 Places To Get Free Promo Codes For Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Viral Mailers

5 Places To Get Free Safelist Promo Codes and Promo Codes For Traffic Exchanges.

Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and Viral Mailers are three of the fastest ways to get traffic to your site.

These are highly recommended if you are in internet marketing or make money online niche.

However, If you are using viral mailers, safelists, or traffic exchanges, you may get tired of clicking for credits.

The nice thing about Promo Codes is that you can use them to get free credits so you don’t have to click so much.

The following are 5 places you can get Promo Codes For Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and Viral Mailers.


1. Traffic Codex

This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, places to get free promo codes.

They have Promo Codes For Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and Viral Mailers.

promo codes for traffic exchanges

With Traffic Codex you can search for promo codes by entering a website URL in their search engine or you can download
their browser extension which lights up when you are on a site that has an available code.

Click Here To Search Traffic Codex Promo Codes

2. Reality Affiliate

Reality Affiliate is a done-for-you system for getting LEADS, REFERRALS, and COMMISSIONS.

When you join you will find the promo codes for traffic exchanges, viral mailers, and safelists in the downline builder area.

promo codes for traffic exchanges

This is also a great place to promote to get 5iphon referrals.  Just enter your id for 5iphon in the downline builder.  They have some highly recommended programs in the downline builder including Wealthy Affiliate.

Click Here to get 100,000 Ad Views At Reality Affiliate

3. Instant Cash Promo Codes

The third place to get free promo codes used to cost to join but now you can join for free.  They have over 80 Safelist promo codes.  You can advertise from there with their mailer, banner ads and text ads.  They also have instant payments:

promo codes for safelists

Click Here To Join Instant Cash Promo Codes

4. Get Promo Codes For Safelists At Instant Cash Flow Funnel

Instant Cash Flow Funnel was once one of the best places to make fast money online.  It isn’t as great as it once was but it is still a great place to get promo codes.

safelist promo codes

If you decide to promote this program, you can get 55 pre-written autoresponder messages.  They show you step by step how to set it up under Referral Links > Automated Capture Pages.


Click Here to Join Instant Cash Flow Funnel


This site has free promo codes all the time but you can also get free solo ads in the member’s area by clicking on the link below:

safelist promo codes
I highly recommend joining the mailing list because you get more promo codes that way.

Click Here To Join Virtual Mailer For You

There you have it.  5 Places To Get Free Promo Codes For Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and Viral Mailers.  If you have any comments, questions or know of other places to get free promo codes for traffic exchanges, safelists, and Viral Mailers please leave them in the comment section below.

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