The 5iphon Reloaded Review – Is 5iphon reloaded a scam?

Welcome to the 5iphon reloaded review- is 5iphon reloaded scam? where I will give you an honest review of the product 5iphon Reloaded.  I will be going over both the free and pro versions.

You can check out the free version here:

If you want to check out the pro version, along with some really nice bonuses click here or go to:




Is 5iphon Reloaded Scam?

The simple answer to that question is no, it is not a scam.  I have been working online for a long time now and I can tell you that with a big enough list you can make a really nice income from home.  5iphon Reloaded helps you to create that big list more quickly.

You just give away the free website and the system automatically helps you to build your list.  It uses powerful viral technology which gets your leads to build your list for you.

5iphon Reloaded Pro allows you to earn commissions when your referrals upgrade.  You don’t need the pro version to help you build a huge list, but it could help you earn more money if your leads upgrade.

When you refer people to the 5iphon Reloaded system if your a free member the first 5 leads go to your upline.  So does 10% of all of the leads after that.

Why is this a good thing?  Because your leads are doing the same thing.  They are sending you their first 5 leads and 10% of all the other leads they send through the system.  This means that for every lead you get, you can get an extra 5 leads on autopilot.  This is how your list can get huge fast.

the 5iphon reloaded review

The 5iphon Reloaded Review – The Members Area

Inside the member’s area of the 5iphon Reloaded you will find the link to the website for you to give to others in order to build your list along with a video you should watch before you get started.  There is a place that keeps track of your subscribers which also tells you how many direct leads you received as well as how many autopilot leads you have received.

You can either download your leads or you can connect the 5iphon System to an autoresponder.  I suggest doing the latter because this way you can put everything on autopilot.

You can also find out how to get thousands of leads for free in the member’s area.

the 5iphon reloaded review

The 5iphon Reloaded Review – OTOs

In case you are unfamiliar with the term an OTO is a one-time offer.

The 5iphon reloaded pro offers the following one time offers:

 OTO # 1 – 5iphon OVERDRIVE $97

The first OTO offers a way 5iphon users can 10X their income by given them commissions DEEP into their referral base.

When you get this one-time offer you will also unlock what they call their  “Infinity Funnel” feature, which enables you to quickly and easily stack your 5iphonReloaded funnels with UNLIMITED affiliate offers.

 OTO # 2 – 5iphon 10X Package $47

With this one-time offer, you will receive a package of TEN additional 5iphon Reloaded websites.

OTO # 3 – 5iphon 10K CLUB $197

This one allows you to unlock the ability to add an INSTANT high ticket backend, in the form of auto-webinars paying $500+ a pop in commissions.

The back end is seen not only by your direct referrals but throughout your entire 5iphon Reloaded referral base.

 OTO # 4 – 5iphon TRAFFIC CO-OP $197

This one-time offer gets you added into a traffic rotation which means you will get hands-free traffic for the life of 5iphon RELOADED!

How To Set Up Your Autoresponder

In the members’ area, you will find out how to connect to an autoresponder.  If you want you can just download your leads and email them one by one using Gmail or whatever program you use for emails, but by using an autoresponder you can set up a follow-up series that will email them on autopilot.

The following autoresponders are the most popular for online businesses:


Aweber is easy to use and allows single or double opt-in.  It also allows you to add your leads manually.  What I like best is how easy it is to create an email and share it with several lists at once.

You can get a free month trial of Aweber at


Since TrafficWave made updates it no longer connects to 5iphon reloaded the way it used to.   I strongly suggest using Get Response instead.

The 5iphon Reloaded Review is 5iphon reloaded a scam?


There is a really great course on GetResponse here:

Once you have chosen your autoresponder, follow the links above to set up your campaign.  Then connect your 5iphon Reloaded site to your autoresponder by following the instructions in your members’ area.

How To Promote To Your 5iphon Reloaded Leads

Once you have linked up to your autoresponder you want to add a few follow-up messages before you start getting traffic.  I would start with around 7 then add to it every day.

The first email should be a welcoming message from you and include a reason for them to stay on your list.

I highly suggest watching the free training you get here:

Creating a great follow-up series can be a little tricky and the course at the link above shows you the right way to do it.

You can promote to your list whatever you want but you may want to provide some great information once in a while to keep them intrigued.

How To Get Free Traffic To Jumpstart Your 5iphon Reloaded System

In order to get loads of traffic to your site so you can build your list more quickly, I suggest using traffic exchanges, viral mailers, and social media.

Not just any traffic exchanges and viral mailers.  You want to use the best converting ones.

First, read my post on How To Use Free Viral Mailer and Safelists Effectively  It will tell you where to find the best converting viral mailers and safelists.

You can join the best traffic exchanges here:

free advertising rankings

You can find a lot of eBooks and reports on different social media sites like Facebook and Twitter at Monthly Content.

It does cost $1 for 14 days and almost 30 bucks a month after the 14 days but you should be able to download the eBooks and reports you want before your trial ends.

is 5iphon reloaded a scam

Once you have a list of around 700 you can start doing ad swaps.  They show you how to do this in the members’ area of 5iphon Reloaded.

The 5iphon Reloaded Review – Final Thoughts

I hope this review helped you discover if this system is right for you.  It is free to join so you can try it and if you don’t think it is helping you build your list faster and making you more money then you can quit at any time.

Click Here To Join 5iphon Reloaded For Free


5iphon Reloaded




Ease of Use




Reasonable Pricing


Anyone Can Earn



  • Others Build Your List For You
  • You Can Use Any Autoresponder
  • You Don't Need An Autoresponder
  • Your List Grows Fast On Autopilot
  • Free ready made squeeze page


  • No Done For You Emails
  • Only 1 ready made squeeze page

6 Replies to “The 5iphon Reloaded Review – Is 5iphon reloaded a scam?”

  1. Wow I only came here to do a review.  That being said I read your article did some research and now I am a member of 5iphon reloaded.  Your page was easy to read and created excitement with the opportunities that are available not many can accomplish that these days.  I felt like your review was honest and very well written.  Based on your article I am just about to start my training.  Thanks again and stay in touch.  

    1. Thank you.  Not many people can see how truly powerful these programs are.  I wish you tons of success.

  2. There’s something I find really fascinating about this. As far as I understand it, it’s kind of coming together with other like-minded people and building each other’s lists (please correct me if I’m wrong).

    The autoresponder suggestions were really useful. Personally, I’ve been only somewhat familiar with Aweber but I’ll make sure to check out the rest as well. With that in mind, TrafficWave sounded awesome. My problem with Aweber has always been that the larger your list gets, the price kind of skyrockets. Whereas if there’s truly a fixed rate for TrafficWave, sign me up right away.

    I appreciate the insight! Cheers.

    1. Thank you.  That is what sets Trafficwave apart from the rest.  It doesn’t matter how big your list gets, the rate is the same.

  3. I have seen 5iphon Reloaded advertised in several places but never really looked at it.  After seeing your review I decided to take a closer look.  I went ahead and joined since it is free and thought I would walk thru training.  You really explained it quite well.  Thank you for the details about how the program works.  I would rather know those things in advance instead of signing up and then deciding I did not like the way the program worked.  So yes I also joined from your link.  See you on the inside.

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