Virtual Downline Builder Review

Virtual Downline Builder Review

Welcome to my Virtual Downline Builder Review where I answer the question is virtual downline builder a scam?. I am going to give you a thorough and honest review of the program and tell you my experience with it. You may be surprised by what you learn.


Update: Virtual Downline Builder has been closed

It seems every couple of years Alonzo Brown comes out with a new downline builder. This year it is Team True Greatness and Multiple Income Builder. Will it last? I have no idea.



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Name: Virtual Downline Builder


Price: Free? (well not really) The training is free but not all the programs in the downline builder are.

Owners: Alonzo Brown

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

When I first discovered Virtual Downline Builder I joined it immediately because I was a member of Alonzo Brown’s Wealthy Affiliate which had fast-paying programs that used Paypal as the main payment processor.

It was a great program and I did make money with it but then Paypal decided to cut a lot of people off, including Alonzo Brown. So he closed down Wealthy Affiliate which was a huge disappointment but necessary at the time.

So when I saw Virtual Downline Builder and how it was using programs that paid fast with ORU, I signed up immediately.

If you don’t know what ORU is you can check it out here:

ORU is now called Gizmoh.

At first, it was really great and I earned money fast.

But then he started messing with the programs.

Virtual Downline Builder Review

Is Virtual Downline Builder A Scam?

Well, not really. Virtual Downline Builder itself is a free downline builder and it does have some great tutorials.

The money it claims you can make can eventually be obtained with hard work and persistence.

And if Alonzo Brown hadn’t messed with the programs so much it would still be a great way to earn money fast online.

There are still some great ways you can earn money fast online if you want to know what they are, check out my post: How To Earn Money Online Fast

I understand the need to change programs once in a while.

Sometimes a program will shut down or change its rules or have some other issue that may be no fault of its own. Then you have to hurry to find something just as good or better to replace it.

There are still a lot of great programs in the Virtual Downline Builder.

My issue is with one of the programs in particular.

Unfortunately, Alonzo has decided to use this program as his program’s main focus.

The program is called Simple Freedom Club. I have tried many times to get a hold of support with no replies. When you join a program one of the most important things is to make sure of is that it has good support. The admin seems impossible to get a hold of. The program itself does not seem to hold any value that you can’t get for free elsewhere.

The sad part is the Virtual Downline Builder could still be a great program if it had the right programs in the downline builder.

However, using a program that makes it hard to get a hold of support, was a bad decision in my opinion.

Virtual Downline Builder Review

That being said, there are still some good programs in the downline builder.  There are some really great training and promotional material including done for you capture pages with done for you email follow-ups.   You can also advertise 5 of your favorite links while advertising Virtual Downline Builder. Hopefully, he will one day change the program that makes it impossible to get a hold of support.  However, you may have better luck with Simple Freedom than I did.

That being said, it has been a long time since anyone has heard from the owner of Virtual Downline Builder so the future of this program is unknown.

You can check out some of the programs in the downline builder by clicking on the link below:

No matter what program you use to make money online I hope you have lots of success!

Virtual Downline Builder




Ease of Use




Reasonable Pricing


Programs in Downline Builder



  • Lot of Good Programs in Downline Builder
  • Some programs pay fast
  • Great training videos


  • Some not so great programs in downline builder
  • Don't know what happened to owner
  • has been closed

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