How To Use Free Viral Mailer and Safelists Effectively

How To Use Free Viral Mailer and Safelists Effectively

In this post I will go over how to use free viral mailer and safelists to build yourself a list that you can promote to on autopilot.  The first part goes over how to make a capture page that you can use in the free viral mailer and free safelist mailers.   Then I will discuss how to find the best free safelists and viral mailers that have been proven to convert and how to use them to get even better conversions.

The best way to use free viral mailer and safelists is to promote a splash page or capture page.  This will get people to join your email list so you can automatically promote to them.

How To Create A Campaign and Capture Page Using Trafficwave:

Here is a step by step approach to creating a Trafficwave campaign and splash page.

1. Click on the banner below to get a free trial to TrafficWave unless you are already a member:

Email Marketing

2. Sign into your trafficwave account.

3.  Click on Campaign Manager under AutoResponder

4.  Under AutoResponder Links click on Create New Campaign

5.  Follow the Create a Campaign Wizard to create your campaign

The following shows you how you can use TrafficWave to create a capture page after you have created your campaign:

1. Click on your campaign under Campaign Manager and go to profile settings

2. Place your cursor on the tab that says Capture Pages/Forms and click on Hosted Capture Pages

3. Click the button that says Create New Hosted Capture Page

4. Fill out the information to create your capture page and click on Create New Capture Page

Once you have created your capture page you can use it in the viral mailers and safelists to build your list.


How To Use a Viral Mailer or Safelist Effectively:

First you will want to sign up for a new gmail account so you don’t get overwhelmed with emails at your primary email account.  You will want to use the new email account for your list email address when signing up to the viral mailers and safelists.

Then you will want to use the best free safelists and viral mailers to get better conversion rates.  Click on the links below to find them:

Click Here For The Best Free Safelists and Viral Mailers

Click Here For Sites That Were Tested and Proven To Convert

You can also click on the banner below to find more of the best free safelists and viral mailers:

How To Configure Your Gmail Account

Once you have joined some of the free viral mailer and safelists and have started to recieve email from them, you will want to set up your gmail account to filter them.

1.  Click on an email from one of the safelists to open it

2.  Click on the vertical ellipsis that comes after the star and arrow on the right side of the email

3.  Click on Filter Messages Like This

4. Click on Create Filter

5  I usually select the choices to Skip The Inbox, Apply The Label, Never Send It To Spam, and Also apply filter to matching conversations.  When choosing a label I put the name of the safelist it is for.

This will make it easier when you need more credits for a specific safelist or viral mailer.

How To Get Free Credits To Email Safelist and Viral Mailers:

Promo codes will also make it a lot easier as you can get free credits, banner impressions or text impressions.   Sometimes all three!  Here are a couple places you can get some free promo codes:

How To Get More Work Done In Less Time:

I use the following to get more work done in less time:

Earn Money At Home For Free

One of the free programs at the site above has saved me a lot of time and effort emailing to viral mailers and safelists.

You can see a list of the programs here:

Another great program that has saved me a lot of time is:

I hope you have found this post on how to use free viral mailer and safelists effectively helpful.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below:

Hello there, it’s nice to be here learning how to make use of emails to get messages across to a large number of people and in a safe way. This information can be really helpful for one’s business and lots of people will pay a large sum of money to get this in their own  business. I would check on the link you shared now so i can benefit from it. 

Wow🤩 this is highly informative. I must commend your efforts in putting this together. Thank you very much for sharing the step by step ways on how to go about the viral mailer. Though it’s my first time hearing about this but it won’t be a bad idea signing up for it.

Thank you, I have gotten a lot of sign-ups and made money using viral mailers and safelists so I know they work.  Just remember, do not send them directly to your blog.  Send them to a capture page first and then send them to relevant information on your blog through your autoresponder series.  

Hey nice article you have there. thanks for sharing  such an educative article with the public. I know little about viral mailers but knowing couple places where I can get  free promo codes, I don’t know about that, thanks for this eye opener, I will definitely check go through that link and check it out, surely gonna give you feedback on the outcome. Best regards.

Email marketing is such a vital part of today’s successful marketing campaigns. It can be one the most valuable marketing channel with the highest ROI when utilized correctly. I appreciate the step-by-step directions and tips for saving time (getting more work done in less time). Having free resources makes the channel even more attractive!

Hello there thanks a lot for sharing this vital information here with us, it is of great value. I must say it has always been a tough one for me learning how to use viral mailer. Reading your review has indeed helped know the step by step method of going about it and I am really grateful for that

Hello there, thank you for this awesome post on how to use free viral mailer and safe list, I must say this is what I have been looking for because my business is beginning to reach a larger audience and I’ll need to keep my customers updated via emails and have just learned from this post how to get my mails to a large number of people and in a safe way.

this is indeed very helpful, thanks for sharing.


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