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In this post, I am going to go over how to build a capture page for free. I will show you how to do it in the most popular autoresponders online. These are TrafficWave, AWeber, GetResponse, Leads Leap and All In One Profits. I will also tell you where you can get prebuilt capture pages and a free capture page that will quadruple your list in less time.

If you read my post on How To Earn Money Online Fast I mentioned a couple of programs that come with pre-built capture pages. One of them even comes with a free email campaign. You can change the messages any way you want or keep the ones they have for you and receive 100% instant commissions.

Click the link below to see one of the capture pages and sign up to find out how you can start earning $25 instant payments:

The free capture page that will get more people on your list in less time can be found here:

You can read a review of the product here:

It is free and you do not need to have an autoresponder to use it.

How To Create A Campaign and Capture Page Using Trafficwave:

Here is a step-by-step approach to creating a Trafficwave campaign and splash page.

1. Click on the banner below to get a free trial to TrafficWave unless you are already a member:

2. Sign in to your Trafficwave account.

3. Under AutoResponder Links click on Create New Campaign

4.  Follow the Create a Campaign Wizard to create your campaign

The following shows you how you can use TrafficWave to create a capture page after you have created your campaign:

1. Click on your campaign under Campaign Manager and go to profile settings

how to create a capture page

2. Place your cursor on the tab that says Capture Pages/Forms and click on Hosted Capture Pages

how to create a capture page in trafficwave

3. Click the button that says Create New Hosted Capture Page

how to create a capture page in trafficwave

4. Fill out the information to create your capture page and click on Create New Capture Page

How To Build A Capture Page With AWeber

If you do not have Aweber you can get a free month trial here:

Once in Aweber, you want to create a campaign. You do this by clicking on Automation, then Campaigns. Then on the right, find the blue box that says Create Campaign. follow the steps to create your campaign.

Once you have created your campaign, click on Sign Up Forms under Pages and Forms.

how to build a capture page with Aweber

Then click on the blue box on the right to create your sign up form.

Follow the steps to create how you want the form to look and where you want it to go.  Then on the last step, it asks Who Will Publish This Form To Your Website?  If you click on use my form as a landing page a link will appear below which you can use as a capture page.

how to build a capture page using Aweber

How To Build A Capture Page With GetResponse

If you don’t have GetResponse you can get it here:

how to create a capture page

If you are using GetResponse first click on Landing Pages under Tools.

Then you will want to click on the blue button on the right that says Create Landing Page.

Then pick out a template or choose build from scratch to start creating your Capture Page.

how to build a capture page with Get Response

How To Build A Capture Page With AIOP

AIOP or All In One Profits claims to have all the tools you need for your online business success.  With this program you get an Autoresponder, Splash/Squeeze page builder, Web Hosting, a Tracker, Rotator, Advertising and more.

how to build a capture page with all in one profits

Click on the banner to join or go to

Once you are logged in, click on toolbox, then autoresponder.  Create a new campaign then click on the Prospects tab and go to HTML Form.

how to create a capture page with all in one profits

You will want to get the campaign ID because that is all you will need for the landing page we are going to make.

how to create a capture page

Once you have the campaign ID, go back to the main page for All In One Profits and click on Toolbox > SplashBuilder.

A new tab will open.  Click on Splash Pages then enter a name for your Splash Page in the box and click on Create Splash Page.

how to create a capture page

They have predesigned splash pages with opt-in boxes on them.  Choose which one you want to use then click on Update Template at the bottom of the page.

how to create a capture page

After you have updated the template then you can click on Go back To Edit Page.  Fill out your form then click on update settings.

How To Build A Capture Page With A Different Autoresponder

As I mentioned earlier in this post you can get a free capture page at:

You don’t even need an autoresponder for that capture page.  You can also use any autoresponder you want.  They store the emails for you so you can download them and import them into the autoresponder of your choice.

Most autoresponders have a way to create a landing page for your campaigns.  I can’t possibly cover all the autoresponders here.  Take time to get to know your autoresponder and all it has to offer.  If there is a tab called CREATE you may be able to find out how to create a landing page or capture page there.

How To Build A POP-Up Form

If you are looking for a pop up opt-in form you can get one from LeadsLeap.

You can join LeadsLeap for free here:

You will find the pop up opt-in form under tools:

how to build a capture page

They have a great step by step tutorial to follow.

LeadsLeap has a lot of other tools you can use to help your business too.  You can find my review on LeadsLeap here:

If you have a WordPress blog you can get a plugin that creates an opt-in form for you.  Just go to plugins, then add new and search for “opt-in form”

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