Internet Marketing For An Online Business – Tips and Strategies

With so many different ways of internet marketing for an online business getting visitors to your site may seem complicated.  Here are some simple tips and strategies to get your online business unlimited traffic that converts.

What makes an online business successful?  Loads of traffic that convert into people doing whatever you want them to do.  This can be signing up for your email, buying something your selling, or just giving you their information.

Use the following tips and strategies on internet marketing for an online business to get your website seen more.

Internet Marketing For An Online Business – Tips and Strategies

1.  Internet Marketing For An Online Business With SEO

Search Engine Optimization is using different on-site and off-site methods in order to get your website to the top of the search engines.

This mostly consists of pleasing google so they will rank your website on the first page, preferably in the top spot.  If you are thinking that you could never do that, trust me, it is possible.

Here are some tips to get your website ranked:

1. choose keywords that have low competition but high search volume.

2. use your keyword as your title and include it in the meta tags

3. use images and put your keyword in the alt tags

4. use original content

Now this all might sound greek to someone just starting out.  If you would like to know how to start a website from scratch and get it ranking high on google, read my review of what I consider one of the best sites that show you how to do it.  You can join for free and they even have web hosting and give you two free websites.

Read my review here:

2.  Social Media

Internet Marketing For An Online Business – Tips and Strategies







Share your site on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Most successful businesses today have a social media presence and a clearly defined social media strategy.  This may include having a Facebook fan page, posting content consistently, and non-promotional sharing. Non-promotional sharing encourages social sharing that grows your following and creates awareness for your brand.

Be careful what you share though, you want to come across as thoughtful and kind not biased and pigheaded.

If you do not want to share on your own social media platform you can get others to share it for you at places like Traffic Ivy and Link Collider.

You can join Traffic Ivy for free here:

internet marketing for an online business


For Link Collider go here:

3. Internet Marketing For An Online Business With Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not as hard as some people make it out to be.  All you need is an autoresponder, a way for people to sign up to your list, and messages to send them which promote whatever you want to promote.

If you want to learn how to build a responsive list and how to build a six-figure income from scratch I highly suggest watching the free videos found here:

To get people to sign up to your list use a capture page.  You can find out how to make your own capture page on my post how to build a capture page which you can find here.   

I also wrote a step by step tutorial on how to create a campaign and capture page using Trafficwave which you can find on my post How To Use Free Viral Mailer and Safelists Effectively 



4. Internet Marketing For An Online Business Using PPC (pay per click) Advertising

While the other internet marketing strategies on this list you can start for free, PPC or pay per click advertising does involve spending some money.  If you do use this to get business to your website, be careful.  You can wind up spending more than you make.

Make sure you know what you are doing.  If you are interested in PPC marketing then the course I mentioned earlier can teach you the right way to do it.

 internet marketing for an online business


5. Video Marketing

It seems there are a lot of people making money with youtube these days.  These people know how to get their videos seen.  If you’re unsure how to make a video there are many different video creation software that is easy to use.  Just do a google search to find them.

You can also watch the free videos at this site as they show you how to make your own youtube channel plus more from scratch:


Many of the free video creators out there do come with watermarks and you have to pay to remove them but sites like sometimes have free trials so you can experience making videos without the watermarks.

If you want a more sophisticated software and have time to learn how to use it, Blender is a free open-source, professional program that has been used to make video games, animated films, 3D interactive applications and so much more.  There are many tutorials on the internet on how to use Blender but if you’re just starting out and are not technically capable, I would stick with the more simple programs.

Once you are in your youtube account and have uploaded your video, here are some tips and strategies to get your site seen by more people.

  1.  write an interesting and descriptive title for your video, make sure to include your keyword in your title
  2.  write a descriptive description, include your website URL and keyword in the first sentence of your description
  3.  add 5 – 10 keywords in your tags, anything more might seem spammy
  4.  Share your video on Facebook and Twitter along with other social media sites, youtube makes this easy to do
  5.  get as many likes and comments as possible ( you can use Link Collider to get more subscribers)
  6.  make your video go viral if your video is entertaining enough people will share it

These are just five of the many different ways you can do internet marketing for an online business.  I will go over more in future posts along with tips and strategies to get even more website visitors.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below in the comment section.

Internet Marketing For An Online Business – Tips and Strategies

12 Replies to “Internet Marketing For An Online Business – Tips and Strategies”

  1. Hello there thanks for this review. It was helpful I must say. For me, I think think the sole purpose of an online business marketing is to make money by getting enough traffic or visitors and these are some good strategies or tips to help with. I do apply some of these tips to my internet marketing and they have been productive for me.

    1. Thank you.  I am glad you found this helpful.  I agree with you about getting enough traffic and visitors.  I hope you continue to have lots of success in your online business. 

  2. Online marketing can be easy and also abit difficult at the same time, as an online business marketer one has to put into consideration these tips to be more successful in the industry as there are always competition… I hope these tips if put in to consideration can help grow your website…. I really do appreciate your efforts in sharing this article…

  3. Hello there, nice write up you have here.

    i have come across many articles on how to make your online business successful and attract more traffic but yours was simple and easy to get. 

    The tips You gave are all good and helpful especially that of ” social media”. Most successful businesses I know today, I saw them on social media like Facebook and Twitter. I will use the tips you have mentioned here to improve my website. Thanks

  4. Hey nice article you have there, The role of internet marketing in business can not be over emphasized, advertise your business in social media platforms is quite unique ,if a business can generate a pop message that will be displaying on browsers to advertise their business,will be cool. Also concerning video marketing cartoons can also be implemented in the advertisement in order to have  kids attention.

  5. Thank you for sharing the tips and strategies. I think out of all E-mail marketing and SEO are probably the most important of them all. I’d like to add another tip as well that persistence and patience are the key. I see many people are not consistent with their posts and they give up too quickly. I guess as long as you have the niche that you can blog about 2-3 times a week, you will be very successful online 🙂 

    1. Thank you.  I agree with your comment 100 percent. Especially that consistency is very important and a lot of people do give up too quickly.  I hope you have lots of success.  

  6. Helooo thanks for this wonderful article on internet Marketting for an online business tips and strategies. This is really very amazing. These tips if well experimented Will definitely yield great results. I am currently experimenting the idea of sharing my site on social media. And I must tell you it’s really working, I guess I have to work More on the other tips. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome and thank you for your comment.  I’m glad you’re finding success and I hope you have lots more.  

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