5 Ways To Get Free Traffic Your Website Needs

In this post I go over how to get free traffic your website needs in order to make a full-time income online.  I hear over and over again how you can’t start an online business without some kind of investment yet I have done it.  If you would like to know how, read to the end of the post.

I have already discussed most of these in my post here:


But in this post I will tell you how you can do each of these without spending a dime out of your own pocket.

1. SEO

free traffic your website needs

With search engine optimization you can get to the first page of google without spending a dime.  If you use the proper strategies and techniques that is.   Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was looking for something you were selling, typed it in google and found your website? Think about how many sales you could make if you were the first site they saw.

I want to share with you this post I discovered about how to get 100 pages on the first page of google.  I found it very helpful in my endeavors and I hope that you get something out of it too.

Click Here To Read The Post

The best place I have learned SEO without having to pay for it was at Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a free starter membership.

Click Here To Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review

2. Social Media

free traffic your website needs

Just about everyone around the world knows by now that you can share on social media sites without paying for it.  Sharing your business on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites can increase your sales but if you share something that is controversial it can also hurt your business.

So just be careful what you share if you’re going to put your online business on there.  Anyone can be a potential customer so try not to offend them.

3.  Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you read my earlier posts you may remember that you can get a free trial to Trafficwave.   If you have not read it you can find the post I am talking about by clicking here.   Trafficwave is an autoresponder that you can use to build a list and send automated messages to your list.  Although there are many free autoresponders on the internet,  I haven’t found any that offers what Trafficwave offers.

You will want something to give away in exchange for someone’s email address so they will join your list.    Monthly Content has literally 1000’s of plr and giveaway products you can use.  If you use a plr product I highly suggest putting a link to your business inside.  This will get more people to check out your business or give your business another look.

If you are worried that you won’t know how to write emails that are profitable or you would rather have a prebuilt splash page then you may want to invest in DFY Lead Funnels.  DFY Lead Funnels provides 50 done for you Email Swipes, 50 done for you products to give away, and 50 Done For You squeeze and thank you pages for each product.

Click Here For More Information On DFY Lead Funnels

4. Video Marketing

get free traffic your website needs

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she was finished with school and she said she wanted to be a YouTuber.  Youtube has gotten so popular these days that a lot of people are doing crazy stuff just to get likes and views.  It seems just about everyone has their own channel.

You don’t have to do anything crazy to get people to view, like, and even share your videos.  You can do a video on your business giving information and using screenshots of your business pages.  If you review products, make a video about the product.  If you review movies, make a video with your movie review.

Make sure your videos are interesting enough to keep the viewer watching.

5.  Viral Mailers

Email Advertising Rankings

Some internet marketers say that viral mailers don’t work.  If that is the case then how come I am making money with them?  The best way to use viral mailers is to use a capture page to get people on your list.  Then you can market your business to the people on your list.

Use viral mailers to get people to join your list, offering them something that has to do with your business, then use email marketing strategies to promote to them.  The nice thing about this strategy is that once you get them to join your email list you can keep marketing to them telling them about your business and why they need it.

How I Make Money Online Without Investing Money From My Own Pocket

As I promised here is how I make money online without investing money from my own pocket.

Now there are many free ways to make money online without investment.  But in order to earn a full-time income without investing your own money is to make enough money at a free site in order to invest in your own .info or .com domain.  While you can get a free website and free Webhosting at Wealthy Affiliate, it would look a lot better if you had your own domain.  See below:



The first one is my own domain, the second one is my Wealthy Affiliate domain.

The free site I recommend in order to make money online without investing is LeadsLeap.

There are many different ways you can earn money here. One way is to simply view at least 10 ads a day. The total credits you earn from all sources in a day will be used to calculate your
Daily Active Bonus. You still keep the credits for advertising or you can exchange your credits for cash.

You can find out more ways to earn money at LeadsLeap and get a free system to help you earn there by going to http://trckapp.com/5rj5nh36

Once you have your domain, sign up to ClickBank and find a product in a niche you are familiar with or want to know more about and redirect your domain to your affiliate link.  I made a sale after writing a couple of articles, posted one on Ezine Articles, and the other on Blogger and shared on social media sites.

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you found this information useful.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

To your success,


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  1. Helooo dear. I am Really glad you shared these information with us. I was searching online when I saw your post, I believe these will be useful. I wish I saw these post 2 weeks ago, your strategies are the best. The contents here is very good will surely do some recommendations, belive my son will also find these useful, thanks for the info

  2. Hi, I was very impressed with what you’ve shared in your article. 

    Before I started to read I thought just 5 tips? I was expecting at least 10 but once I read, I realized the weight in each tip you suggested. 

    Spent way longer on your website than I anticipated. Thank you also for the 10 tips on how to get 100 pages on the first page of google. 

    I’ll definitely be sharing this content.


    1. Thank you.  I try to share what I believe to be the most valuable information when marketing a business online.  I hope you and whatever business you are promoting have lots of success.

  3. Well! For an internet marketer who relies heavily on traffic generation to function for success, this is the best kind of post that I could have access to and I’m really delighted you have shared this here. Thanks so much for sharing and I will try all my best to ensure I can make good use of these tips. Most importantly, seo is needed to get the best of the free and organic traffic. Thanks

  4. Hi Judy,

    I’m looking for interesting opportunities to make money online. A friend suggested I create a website and do affiliate marketing, but that is easier said than done. I’m all over the place and find it hard to pick the right tools to get started. Some opportunities look like scams and others want me to pay a ridiculous amount of money.

    You mention 2 products, Wealthy Affiliate and LeadsLeap, I’m really interested in.

    In your opinion, if I’m serious about starting an online business and really want to become successful and not taking years to accomplish this, what will it cost me either per month or year to invest in good opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing a great post with us:)  

    1. In my honest opinion, you should not invest in opportunities but in traffic. How much you invest is up to you.  Both Wealthy Affiliate and Leadsleap deal with getting traffic. With Wealthy Affiliate it is mostly SEO, if you like to write and want to create a blog this is the best way to go. If you don’t like to write that much than Leadsleap would be the better choice. But don’t just promote Leadsleap, get a free website at https://onlinebusinessbusinessmarketingstrategies.com/FreeProfitSystem, and promote several programs at once.

      Whichever way you choose to go I suggest you create an email list (reread the section on email marketing or sign up for my free video series here: http://www.meeksstorm.com/10kin90DaysBlueprint) In my email series that you get when you sign up for the free video series I try to give more helpful tips and strategies, along with free gifts that I believe to be beneficial to internet marketers.

      I also suggest reading my review of Secrets of The Big Dogs, which is a $7 ebook that shows a way you can get lots of traffic.

  5. You provided a very good summary of this topic. I am particularly interested in how to make money online without having to need to invest in using our own money. Is it difficult to set this up?

    I have heard of email marketing and there some people who mentioned we just need to send emails to make money online. I will be reviewing this with your help as you have provided information on this as well.

    Thank you. Marc.

    1. Your Welcome Marc and Thank you. You can find more ways to make money online without investing your own money in my post titled How To Earn Money At Home For Free. Some of these ways are pretty easy to set up, others might be a little more difficult. It really depends on the person. Some people might find something difficult to do that others do not.

      As for email marketing, I suggest signing up for the free video series you will find at: http://www.meeksstorm.com/10kin90DaysBlueprint. The emails you get if you sign up there will give you more information about how to get started email marketing for free.

  6. You have provided an excellent breakdown on marketing. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for only a short period and have reached the stage where marketing is now important. I am keen to understand organic marketing and data base growth so that I minimize the cost of any mistakes.
    I will copy this link so that I can go over all the information you have presented in more detail. thank you for the excellent research.

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing this detailed and informative article on 5 ways to get free traffic your website needs. I personally think that for an internet marketer who hopes on traffic generation to function for success, this is the best kind of article that I could have access to.  I had the opportunity to be an affiliate marketer and your tips have really been very helpful. hope to read more of your articles.

    1. Thank you, I will be sharing more ways to get free traffic to your website in later posts.  I hope you have a lot of success with your affiliate marketing.  I know it is a great way to make money online.

  8. Hey Judy; thanks for the free traffic information. It will work for those who understand the application. I could do well with some free traffic right now. 

    Does meta tags in SEO work well on your sites? There are so many things that can help us with our businesses some we know and others we do not know. However, many times things look similar, but they are very different. Social Media is a great place to start with when you know how it works; it can do wonders for your business.


  9. This is a very interesting article – the DFY LeadFunnel has me intrigued and I’ve just watched their promo video… It seems that it’s only relevant if you’re promoting affiliate marketing or something similar… my niche area is camping – so does it have the ability to create lead magnets relevant to my niche area?

    1. DFY LeadFunnel is mainly for affiliate marketing.  For a niche like camping if you want to capture emails then you would want to follow the instructions for Trafficwave or if you prefer another autoresponder they should have a way for you to create a capture page there. I also suggest looking into the ways to get traffic to your website by reading my post 5 More Ways To Increase Traffic To Website For Free to get more traffic to your site.

  10. Thanks for sharing your 5 tips on generating free traffic. I have not heard of TrafficWave and I’m considering checking out their free trial. What would you say is your favorite TrafficWave offer that makes them unique and better than other email marketing platforms? On the video marketing point, what would you recommend on the duration of the videos? No more than 5 minutes? I think these are some great pointers to keep in mind as we build up our online business. I also think it’s a great way to explore different strategies and assess what works best to achieve the outcomes we are looking for. Thanks and best wishes!

    1. Thank you and your welcome.  With Trafficwave not only do you get a 30-day free trial but your monthly subscription rate never goes up, no matter how many subscribers you have.  As for the duration of the videos, it varies depending on what kind of video it is.  

  11. Hey, nice article you have there. Thanks for putting such a concise article together. A friend of mine who has been very displeased with the amount of traffic he gets from his site, will be very pleased to try out these tips. I will definitely make some recommendations and refer him to this article for more clarity. Regards.

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