Best 3 Free Online Marketing Training Courses

In this post, I want to talk about the best free online marketing training courses. These are courses that have helped me make better decisions about my online business.

Each course has free training that you can learn a lot from.  They are free so why not check them out?

1.  My first online choice for the best 3 free online marketing training courses you can find here:
Free Online Marketing Training Courses

I have been working online for a long time now and I have seen a lot of so-called free online business courses that were not so free after all.

With this program that is not the case.

The videos you get in this free membership site take you from scratch to building a fully sustainable online business step by step.  The videos are actually very captivating.  They are not as boring and dull as some other videos I have seen.  The creator is easy to listen to and the way he explains things really brings the person watching the videos in.

There is even an action plan at the end of every video.

There is also a place for you to leave comments underneath the videos along with resources that you may find helpful.

The first thing you will learn is How To Create A Successful Mindset.  I have seen a lot of videos and read books on this topic but the way he explains makes it so much easier to understand.  I do have to admit one of the things he said did make me look behind me to see if someone was standing there.

The second set of videos have to do with affiliate marketing.  He talks about how to pick the most profitable niches and how to find affiliate products to promote.

The next set of videos goes over List Building.  Building a list is very important for any online business.   If you have read my post here I have tried to give you a step by step approach to building an email list.  The videos in this free online marketing course do a much more thorough job.

He also goes over the importance of building a blog.  He mentions my second choice for the best 3 free online marketing training courses and I believe it is the best place to build your blog which is one of the reasons why it is my second choice.  I will get more into that and the reasons why when I tell you about my second choice.

The other training videos have to do with youtube marketing, forum marketing, solo ads, and other traffic sources.

Like I mentioned earlier I have been working online for quite a while but this program taught me things about Youtube Marketing I didn’t even know before.  I had to search on my own for how to make a customized header for my youtube channel, but other than that, the training seemed very thorough.

2. Wealthy Affiliate

Although Wealthy Affiliate has a premium membership, you can learn a lot about online marketing with their free starter membership.

With the free starter course, you get 50 training modules and a free blog to get started with.

There is a community of helpful members that you can easily contact and you can ask for help and usually get a reply pretty quickly.

For full disclosure, I am a premium member and this blog was written mainly using their site content editor.  I like that it checks to see if your content is unique and you can publish your content without having to go to your blog to do it.

Watch the video below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate:

Click Here To See My Wealthy Affiliate Review


3.  My third choice for the best 3 free online marketing training courses can be found here:

Best 3 Free Online Marketing Training Courses

Why did I pick this for my third choice?

I know it may seem hard to believe that a site like this could have such good training but believe it or not, it does.  They have a 30-day boot camp that you can follow at your own pace.  The boot camp helps you get set up so you can get lots of traffic to your site.

They also have a free re-brandable ebook you can give away for free!

You can read the free ebook here:

Click Here To Get Your Free Ebooks

Final Thoughts

I know there are a lot of free online marketing training courses out there and I have tried many.  But these are what I consider to be the best.  They are free so why not check them out?

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